Dan "The Insurance Man" Kepple can SAVE YOU MONEY on Homeowners, Auto, Health, and Life insurance!

Types of insurance offered.

  • Auto

  • Homeowners

  • Health Insurance. No Co-pays! No meeting deductible for Dr. Office visits! AVERAGE SAVINGS IS OVER $500 PER MONTH FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR! Too many great benefits to list here!

  • Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Policies.

  • Life (The NEW kind! Which pays if you pass on OR have a "critical illness"!) Never heard of that? Find out more by filling out the form!

  • Final expense/ burial policies

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In these trying times we all have to keep ourselves and our families safe from harm. 

One great "value added benefit" for our clients is that we can continue to run quotes, continue to issue policies and continue to save you money by doing all business in a "virtual" environment!

We now run 100% of our appointments via a "Zoom" Conference and the process is super easy! (If you can open an email you can get on a Zoom web meeting!)

The great thing (for the consumer) about doing business via a Zoom meeting is that any time you need or want the meeting to end you can end it! (Versus an in home or in office visit) where it could become an uncomfortable experience if you feel pressured!

So if you haven't watched the video, please do. (It's about 5 minutes long and gives you an introduction to me), if you don't feel like watching it, so be it but I'll just ask a couple quick questions then leave the rest to you.

So I ask everyone the same question: Is your home & auto agent your best friend? Someone who you BBQ with? Go to the lake with? Shop with? Go to church with? If not, then why not shop that coverage? Would it be worth a few minutes of your time to see if you can save a few hundred bucks a year on home and auto insurance?


How about your health insurance? Do you have a HUGE DEDUCTIBLE?

Do you have co-pays at the doctors office? Do you have to meet the deductible before the plan pays anything??


Do your monthly premiums make you cringe when you see them taken out of your bank account?

Wouldn't it be refreshing to know that if you had to go to the Dr. you wouldn't have $ out of pocket?


Wouldn't it be nice to not have to meet a deductible before your plan actually pays benefits? AND FINALLY:


Wouldn't it be amazing to save $500 a month and be able to utilize your benefits when you actually need them? 

Getting a quote on ANY type of insurance that I represent is easy, non intrusive and can lead to HUGE savings!


Stop throwing your hard earned money away!

Fill out the form or call today! 



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